Magic Chef Mansion

Magic Chef Mansion

Welcome to the Magic Chef Mansion Archives

The Magic Chef Mansion Museum seeks to enlighten the public about the history of the Mansion's original owners and family, the American Stove Company,
and the architecture and restoration history of the buildings.

If you have not yet visited the Magic Chef Mansion main website, please select the link above to get background information about the mansion.

These galleries display historic pictures and documents associated with the mansion; the original owners, the Stockstrom family; the current owner’s restoration of the mansion; and the American Stove Company which produced and sold their Magic Chef brand of home  cook stoves.

This website is intended for historical research about the mansion and the influence it, the Stockstroms, and the American Stove Company had on the St. Louis area.  Verbal citations from the website must be credited “Courtesy of the Magic Chef Mansion LLC”.  Photographic files may be requested by  e-mailing Shelley Donaho  sddonaho@yahoo.com.

Please feel free to e-mail us at sddonaho@yahoo.com  with any knowledge you may have regarding a photograph or document that you see on the website .

And a word about the logo:  The Magic Chef Mansion was completed in 1908 “MCM08”.  The red “O” represents the knob of the Lorain valve, which was patented by The American Stove Company and which revolutionized cooking by allowing gas stove temperatures to be accurately set for cooking.  This single innovation propelled the American Stove Company and its Magic Chef line of stoves to become a world leader in cook stove manufacturing.

Enjoy! ~~~ Shelley Donaho, Owner